divendres, 18 de gener de 2008

Contribution about Obama's image (English)

Contribució d'Alex Wilson, doctorand a l'European University Institute, Florència, a qui agraeixo el seu comentari i link, en el qual connecta la imatge que es té a Europa del candidat Obama amb una aparent mancança de discurs realista. Us prego que en cas de fer comentaris, els feu en anglès o castellà, idiomes que el company Wilson coneix.
Below is the link to an interesting article about Barack Obama's much-discussed political style. The writer argues quite convincingly that Obama's rhetorical appeal is based on his ability to mimick the political discourse of black liberation theology preachers. Obama successfuly adapts this controversial discourse to reflect a moderate, pan-american, multi-cultural audience. The familiar features of both discourses are highlighted: The injustices of the Present, the glorious Future which depends on Belief alone. This is one of the more interesting and analytical articles about Obama on the European press, and encourages us all to re-consider our very normative ideas about what constitutes democratic 'populism'.

Link to full text: http://www.guardian.co.uk/saturday/story/0,,2235707,00.html